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Our Property Management Services
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First Property Management handles all of the details so you don’t have to.

Investors depend on property managers to help them maximize revenue, minimize risk, and streamline their operations so they can focus on expanding. And with the market booming, there’s no better time than now for investors to work with a professional management team. 


No matter how big or small your investment portfolio may be, you need a professional property management team who can partner with you in your real estate and asset management journey. That’s why we bring our decades of experience in real estate development, property management, and customer service to every client relationship—to safeguard your investments like we would our own.


We take care of all the details from finding qualified tenants online through learning about their needs then negotiating favorable terms before approving occupancy. We even handle deposits, move-in preparations, lease renewals, repairs.    

We provide Residential and Commercial property management services. 





Need tenants for your vacant property? First Property Management handles end-to-end leasing of your property. We help find qualified renters for your investment by providing high-quality marketing services, screening prospective tenant applications, negotiating the terms of the lease, and then ensuring the property is ready for your new tenants.

  • Marketing
  • Market Rent Analysis
  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease creation and signing
  • Lease renewals




We handle 100% of collecting rent, additional fees, and delinquent payments from tenants. A property manager helps collect rent by collecting the monthly fees from the tenants, assessing renters for eviction if they violate lease agreements, and conducting a walk-through to document damages.




One of the more difficult things property owners face is removing a tenant who violates the lease agreement. We work with tenants to provide every opportunity possible to continue renting the unit. From making payment arrangements to connecting them with local services to assist with their challenge, every tenant matters and we do our best to ensure they have the support they need.

In the event that issues cannot be resolved, eviction may become necessary. We take the stress out of this process for our clients by notifying the tenants of the violations, providing the legally required documentation leading up to eviction, filing the paperwork with the courts, and then representing you in court. Our clients don’t have to show up for the hearing and can rest assured that this difficult process will be handled expeditiously and with the utmost care and compassion.




From routine maintenance to emergency service, we offer 24-hour maintenance coordination for the properties we manage. What’s more, we DO NOT mark up maintenance costs. We show original invoices to our clients and they pay the actual cost of service. In addition to this, we offer total access to work order details and actually work with the tenants to avoid dispatch of a service vendor by offering real-time video-assisted diagnostics for common maintenance issues.

  • Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Maintenance request




Need to fix up a property in order to make it rent-ready? From small turns to full rehabilitation projects, our team is equipped to manage your property updates. We offer comprehensive interior and exterior inspections, gather estimates, coordinate repairs and work, track the progress of the work being done, and facilitate payment of invoices on our client’s behalf.



Real estate is an asset that should appreciate in value over time. We partner with you to make important decisions about your property in order to get the best return on your investment. Our Portfolio Managers will work with you to review your financial statements and create strategies around improving the overall market value of your asset.

  • Security deposit handling
  • Utilities Management & payment
  • Mortgage payment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting
  • Asset Performance & Planning
  • Portfolio Strategy development