The First Property Management Difference

Existing Owners

If you are not a fan of paying high dollars for low quality, then you are in the right place.

You are a customer to be valued and have made a large investment in an asset with the hope of generating long-term returns to provide for your retirement or standard of living. Our goals are your goals. By focusing on effective property management, we aim to improve your returns over time. Our leasing commissions and maintenance costs are highly competitive. Our service caters to long-term client relationships, and it shows!

Our company and processes are designed to address some of the most common problems with property management:

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  • Excessive and questionable fees / charges
  • Non-transparent pricing with maintenance
  • Delayed / Low quality maintenance performed
  • Poor communication
  • Incomplete explanations of work performed
  • Lack of notification of upcoming vacancies or resident activity
  • Lack of oversight for owner’s assets
  • Inconsistent and ineffective tenant screening

So, here is what you will get with First Property Management:

  • Fair and honest pricing
  • At-cost maintenance, labor, and materials—No service charge
  • 24-Hour Maintenance Program with General Contractor oversight
  • A focus on keeping owners informed
  • On-demand detailed work orders and invoices
  • Advanced notification of changes to the status of your property
  • Property-specific asset management plans
  • Proprietary (and proven) resident screening service
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We work with investors, realtors, absentee owners, hedge funds, accidental landlords, and more. Whether you have 1 property or 100 properties, we are ready to assist. Contact us today to get started!